A camp operated by university students,
with support from faculty, alumni and staff,
to serve citizens with physical and mental challenges

About The Giving Camp

The Giving Camp provides activities for people with physical and mental challenges who live near a college or high school campus. The camp is located at a local college or university where students, faculty, and staff volunteer to give back to their community as active citizens. Citizens with special needs attend at no cost to their families or guardians.

We are a non-profit volunteer organization with almost no administrative overhead, so your donation has a direct impact on the faces you see on our website and the programs created for the community. The Giving Camp is made possible by the generous donations of individuals and organizations. Your desire to give to others provides a partnership between students and people in the community who are truly exceptional people and who otherwise might not have the opportunity to participate in a campus experience.

When your school partners with The Giving Camp, you develop a program that is sustainable; students train other students and pass their talents on to the next group of volunteers. As students graduate, they return to The Giving Camp each year to volunteer as Alumni, thus they continue their active citizenship through their alma mater.

Your partnership also creates an opportunity for students to work with other college students from local schools; each school assists with bringing the next school on board. In this way the camp is repeatable and will continue to spread as long as there are schools to bring on board, and people with special needs in the community who participate in the camp.

By working with local colleges and universities, student leaders share their friendship, skills, and generosity with people from the local community.

The Giving Camp offers:

  • a vacation at no cost to the families or guardians of the campers with physical and mental challenges.
  • a volunteer opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • a respite for families and care-takers.
  • an opportunity for colleges to work with local communities.